The Penderwicks in Spring

Springtime is finally arriving on Gardam  street,and with it come all the joyful  chaos of the Penderwicks.  The brood has grown to six with the addition of Lydia,the new youngest sibling,and there are surprises in store  for all. some surprises are just wonderful,like neighbor Nick Geiger coming home from war,and some are ridiculous,like Batty’s new dog walking business   which has resulted in her spending an ordinate amount of time with duchess. A very fat dachshund and cilantro a wrinkled sharpie with a bark like a lovelorn tuba.Batty is saving up her dog walking money for special surprise  for he family which she present on her up coming birthday.the timing is perfect: Rosalind will be home from college, Skye and Jane will put there bothersome teenage worries aside to celebrate, and Jeffery,honorary Penderwick and Batty’s musical mentor, will be visiting from Boston.But when an unwelcome surprise arrives, the best plans fall apart.Filled with all the heart,hilarity,and charm the have come to define this beloved clan,the Penderwicks in spring is about fun and family and friends (and dogs), and what happens when you bring whats hidden into the bright light of the spring sun. This book is by Jeanne Birdsall.

My Summer Break

This summer I went to the Grand Canyon,Mount Rushmore,and Yellowstone it was a long drive but it was worth it. I like when we went horseback riding the first time I thought that I would fall of my hose but I didn’t. We went to a lot of rest stops and even drove over night most of the time I was sleeping on the road we saw cool stuff and took picture but I don’t have them so I can’t show them to you. This summer I also got a new car a 2015 highlander it is very roomy to sleep in so the trip wasn’t to bad. At the Grand Canyon my brothers and I got kinda sick after going horseback riding. One thing I thought I did really fun this summer is that my cousins and I tried to make like a little movie so we can look back at when we were older but school started and we didn’t finish. That is all I did this summer. I hope who ever was reading this had a great summer to bye bye.

Traditional literature

In class we’ve been learning about traditional literature. One example of traditional literature is fables. Fable is a short story that has animal character with human traits and feelings. Some more traditional literature  is Myths, Folktales, Tall tales, and Fables. Click here to see the website I visited. I read the story about a chines fable and a Greek fable. The Chines fable was about a fox and a man the man wanted the fox’s skin and the fox tricked the man. The lesson  of  the story was that you should never do anything to a fox that has a long tail I think. The second fable was  A Greek Fable. The short story was about a wolf that found a  young goat. The young goat also tricked the wolf to sing him a last tune before he goes but when the wolf sang a tune the other dogs herd him so the other dogs ran after the wolf. The lesson of the short story was that you should never make a tune  to a young animal that you were going to eat or they will trick you. Traditional literature was what we were learning at our class.

My Spring Break

Today me and my brothers made a fort and stayed there for about two or three hours. To make it we used two blankets, three towels, seven pillows, Three lights, Two crates. It was really crowed in there because it was in between two beds in my brothers room and it was dark to. The first week of spring break me and my brothers went ice skating at North Olmsted rex center ice skating park or I thing that was even the name of the place but I know it was a rex center because I remembered and we stayed there for two hours because it was  8 o’clock to 10’clock. The last thing we did was watch lots of movies one was the movie Home in the theaters  after that we had to clean under our beds because that was where we would throw out or trash when we were lazy and didn’t want to get up and throw it in the actual trash. That was all my spring break.

The Tale Of Despereaux

In the book The Tale Of Despereaux  the summery of the book is a mouse in love with music ,stories, and a princess named pea. It is also the story of a rat called Roscuro, Who lives in darkness but covets a world filled with light. And it is the story of Mirggery Sow, a slow witted serving girl with  a simple, impossible wish. These characters are about to embark on a journey that will lead   them down into a horrible dungeon, and ultimately into a glittering castle and ultimately into each others lives. What happens  then. This book was written by Kate DICAMILLO and illustrated by timothy Basil Ering.

Two Bad Ants

One day my brother and I went to a strange place and we found a shining crystal and we brought it back to the queen . The queen took a bite and ate all of  the little shining crystal . The queen said to us that was the most wonderful food that she had ever tasted. Since the queen is our mom the crystal made her happy so we all went back to the place we got it we. We were sure that there was more crystals. When we got there their was a big mountain so we climbed it when we were in the strange place again we climbed even more . We found more crystals and we  all took one crystals except my brother and I . The other ants went back to the queen bot not us . We said that we could stay here for the rest of our lives!We  started eating and eating until we couldn’t move anymore . We fell asleep when we woke up a there was a big silver thing. We were scooped into a big cup and a hot liquid place .We climbed out and went to a hiding place . Many bad thing happened to us . We fell asleep again and woke up back at home and saw more ants going back to go get more crystals . My brother and I shouldn’t have got in that place. I shouldn’t have trusted my brother to stay there . THE END



















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